Jiangsu grand theater

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2017 leisurely, mei-mei planning the New Year holiday life friends, do you have any small endowment to on their holiday schedule on several concerts, theater, drama, opera, such as high specification trip?

If you have the plan, and happened to be in jiangsu province, then, is located in the provincial capital of nanjing, jiangsu grand theater will be first choice!

Jiangsu grand theater

Figure 1 jiangsu grand theater outside view


Nanjing, after six thousand years of advance, become the origin of Chinese civilization town, headed by wang xizhi jinling calligrapher series, with the international reputation of 'a dream of red mansions', and 'jasmine' is China's second national anthem. Jiangsu grand theater and just completed by the end of 2016, is currently the biggest cultural projects in jiangsu province, is 'China's largest modern theatre' and 'Mosaic' Asia's largest theater. Accompanied by jiangsu grand theater is completed, will display a series of classic at home and abroad, is bound to bring about the art of nanjing area.

Jiangsu grand theater

Figure 2 jiangsu grand theater hall panorama


As the international scene, hua jiang region's major construction, jiangsu grand theater equipment used are selected, coupled with the international level of performance, will bring good visual feast for the audience. At the same time, in order to not affect the audience viewing experience cases retained high quality video images, jiangsu grand theater in internal six venues all adopt more intimately KXWELL broadcast video shot control system to record wonderful performances.

Jiangsu grand theater

Figure 3 seats for stage: for shooting performance 

Theatre in six YanChuTing with 11 seats, respectively, in the court 'variety hall', 'function', 'international conference hall' face three hall stage installed two broadcast level indoor overloading control yuntai KX - PH695A, Hitachi DK - H100 camera aboard and Fuji to 42 times lens; In the 'opera house' and 'drama hall', is to use two radio level indoor overloading control yuntai KX - SONY HDC - P1 camera aboard PH695A and Fuji to 42 times lens; In the 'hall' is also installed for stage 1 set of Hitachi DK - Canon KJ20X8 H100 collocation. 2 bits - RE lens, and the one broadcast indoor remote control yuntai KX - PH491A control. In addition, in the back end part, every room of the respective use 1 broadcast KX - RP8810VB, multi-functional controller to realize the remote centralized control the camera.

Jiangsu grand theater

Figure 4 seats for stage features  

To keep high quality video images, each exhibition hall with three pieces of 2/3 inch CCD broadcast hd multi-purpose box machine, again tie-in or 42 times 20 times, with excellent long performance, can be taken from 40 meters from the hd pictures. Add KXWELL radio remote control yuntai auxiliary, it can adjust the camera focus, zoom, white balance and so on the menu. Not only features performers exquisite expression reveal, players force and beauty, can attune, restore the scene will screen real replica is down, provides the high quality material for system after work.

Traditional theatre shooting video applications, usually erect a tripod slots on both sides of the stage, and by professional photographers present moment control. Through KXWELL solution, can install wall or lifting way in rear of the field, not only can solve the problem of line exposed, video filming and not interfere with the audience visual experience. Plus KXWELL remote centralized control of product performance, can be in the control room to achieve more than one control machine, again at the same time reduce the disturbance to the audience.

Jiangsu grand theater

Figure 5 jiangsu grand theater's official website 

The happiest city in China in 2016 was just released, nanjing regular visitors to the still ranked third, combined with jiangsu grand theater is completed, to add a good place for happiness, presumably nanjing happiness rankings this year is no problem on ahead.

With the completion of jiangsu grand theater will be the introduction of domestic and foreign classic performances, are you ready to enjoy comfortable wonderful performance? KXWELL yuntai have been ready, look forward to meditation to enjoy together with you!