reality television

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Millions of fans is tianjin joint sina jointly producing the world's first TV network linkage social reality, the 12 contestants in the program needs to be done in a 'closed energy city' 90 days of the Internet survival test, the only way to contact with the outside world only through the Internet. KXWELL broadcast video acquisition control system to help you complete the enclosed video player in the city life of unmanned remote shooting.

In the reality of production: the 45 sets of radio remote control yuntai KX - PH490S2, collocation and panasonic broadcast video machine energy distribution in every corner of the city, with the help of a control room 10 sets of radio level controller KX - RP8605U, complete closed energy city players live video unmanned remote acquisition, for broadcast production needs.

reality television

reality television

Distribution in every corner of the city of energy level KXWELL radio remote control yuntai and cameras

Yuntai and camera remote control broadcast controller