National prosecutors college of control

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As the training of high-level, high-quality procuratorial personnel highest institution of higher learning in our country, the national prosecutors college chose division xu will (KXWELL) field unmanned shooting control system is to provide video to record the class, between the two control scheme, tie-in copy and play system, the entire record wonderful teachers classroom teaching and the warm interaction between teachers and students.

National prosecutors college of control

Figure 1: the panoramic view of the classroom

 In this application, KXWELL within two classrooms, respectively, set up the three grade KXWELL radio remote control yuntai KX - SONY professional handheld camera X280 PH490FEX collocation, every classroom by a level controller KX - RP8605U KXWELL broadcasting the camera for remote control of the classroom.

National prosecutors college of control

Figure 2: a seat behind the classroom teacher

National prosecutors college of control

Figure 3: the seat in front of the students

Using KXWELL broadcast video acquisition control system solutions, be responsible for the video shooting control operation of the teacher can not only in the control room namely the three cameras can be centralized control, avoid the traditional film the of course, also can choose the manual control or automatic track record in accordance with the demand.

As the two classrooms, completing national prosecutors college will be more classic and meaningful course is recorded, let more engaged in the work of the judicial personnel have the opportunity to watch these hd, wonderful lectures, and to learn from it.