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10 Robotic Head Control

KT-RP8910 allow operator to control up till 10 robotic head. Each Robotic head has invidual setting.
User is able to mix different robotic head or camera and control all with one control panel.

Multiple control interface configuration

With different interface user is able to choose from Either or RS422 & TCP/IP.

Remote Power On/Off Camera

Operator is able to remotely control camera’s ON/OFF this would allow operator to Off the camera when the camera is not in use for a long period of time. this would also increase the lifespan of the camera.

Control Camera Parameter

Allow user to control the Camera parameter like an RCP on selected camera. Other than the standard Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus and Iris control Kxwell provide more control function like controlling Camera’s GUI menu, AWB, ABB, Shutter, ND filter and Gain.

Wide Range of Camera and Lens choices

Support wide range of Pro-Video & Broadcast Cameras and Lens, allowing user to select the best equipment for their application needs.

Variable Speed Control for pan, tilt and lens

Able to Adjust the speed control of Pan, Tilt and Lens to ensure smooth image during live event.


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