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Clean and Stable system set-up configuration

With different optional in-build interface user is able to choose from Either HDBaseT or RS422, TCP/IP, Single Mode Fiber.

Tally Indication & SDS ( Self-Diagnostic System ) Function

Tally Displays when live to air & Built-in SDS function which allow Robotic Head to keep record the operation duration and advice for maintenance after certain operation duration.

Power Supply to Camera

Genio able to supply power to camera, allowing user to control the robotic and the camera power from Kxwell Control Panel and no extra DC adaptor needed for camera.

Control Camera Parameter

Allow user to control the Camera parameter like an RCP on selected camera. Other than the standard Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus and Iris control Kxwell provide more control function like controlling Camera’s GUI menu, AWB, ABB, Shutter, ND filter and Gain.

Wide Range of Camera and Lens choices

Support wide range of Pro-Video & Broadcast Cameras and Lens, allowing user to select the best equipment for their application needs.

Variable Speed Control for pan, tilt and lens

Allow operator to have a smooth control on pan, tilt and lens with adjustable speed.


Genio ( KT-PD40 series )

Max Payload

6 Kg , 13.3 Lbs

Pan / Tilt Range

Pan: 300°; Tilt: +90°~-90°(Support Limit Set)

Pan / Tilt Speed

Pan: 0.2°~42°/S; tilt: 0.1°~23°/S

Preset Memory

100 (Pan, Tilt, Lens) (Option up to 1000)

Noise Level


Working Temperature

-10℃ ~ 45℃ , 14F ~ 113F

Power Requirement

19 ~24V DC

Power Consumption

34Watts (Excluding Camera)


4.5 Kg, 10 Lbs

Optional Install Mount

Tripod, Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount.

Communication Protocol

KXWELL Protocol (Default), 3rd Party Protocol (Option)



Self Diagnostic System



RS422 (Default)

1.2 Km

TCP/IP (Default)

100 m

Wireless Control (Option)

2 Km @ 433MHz; 300 m @ 2.4 GHz

3G Fiber (Option)

20 Km; Control signal and HD/SD SDI

HDBaseT (Alernative)

100 m; Control, SDI Video & Power in one RJ45 cable.

Control Panel

KXWELL Control Panel

KT-RP8705, KT-RP8810U, KT-RP8800U-J2, KT-RW8804-J2, KT-RP8910-J2

*When HDBaseT interface selected, there will no others interface option.

*Above Information may vary accodring to requested conguration.

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