KXWELL attended InfoComm China 2013

Broadcast HD Video Conference Start From Here, KXWELL attended InfoComm China 2013.

InfoComm China, the professional Audio-visual equipment and information system Integrated technology exhibition, is opened at National Convention Center on Apr.10th 2013.Beijing KXWELL attended the InfoComm China 2013with its 9 kinds of broadcast pan-tilt and control system,and showed the broadcast video meeting system solution for the theme of The cost of professional video control system you can afford.

KXWELL as a broadcast camera professional control system manufacturer, completed research,development and production and also service to KXWELL series products.At the same time , it provides the consumers entire high-end video applicant system solution. The product is of remote broadcast box-type camera, handheld camera and should-fired camera with matching control machine and can complete remote control perfectly.It can implement kinds of functions by pan-tilt broadcast camera. The application field covers high-end video meeting,educational high-quality curriculum recording, studio car,opera house,court,medical industry and so on. KXWELL not only sells its products in our country, but also faces to several countries over the world. During the exhibition, KXWELL also attended NAB2013,the world biggest broadcast exhibition in LasVegas of USA.

The broadcast camera pan-tilt of KXWELL made the viewersexperience some successful operation of high accuracy to the broadcast camera and showed various functions of different kinds of broadcast camera. It can be easily controlled no matter the type, the transfer mode, the brand or the protocols. The exhibited site attracted many viewers participating in interactive and let them experience kinds of functions themselves, such as rotation, focus and zoom. They also showed their great interest to the products and left their contacts asking for the Electronic material.

KX-PH490A is added the control system of Sony HDC-P1.So far KXWELL can hold various brands box-type cameras. KX-PH695A,handheld pan-tilt, is able to remotely control several seats and special seat which made its control easy. Remote control of KX-PH690A Wiper attracted many viewers. The site simulated the seat of a meeting room of Great Hall of the People  , making the present clients experience the high-density feeling that broadcast camera brought to meetings by multi-function control.KXWELL can be used with various brands camera such as Sony, Panasonic ,Cannon,HITACHI. A control machine can control 254 cameras at the same time and control pan-tilt wireless by KX-WL7302RT. As a broadcast camera professional control system manufacturer, KXWELL has been developed the entire high-end video applicant system solution method. If you need a broadcast camera solution, KXWELL will be your right choice!