The cost of professional video control system you can afford

KXWELL  NAB2013,the worldwide biggest broadcast show on Apr.8th 2013 since its last attention in 2012.For the theme that The cost of professional video control system you can afford,KXWELL showed the broadcast camera professional control system during the 4 days. The system is developed and producted by the company itself and providesthe customers the perfect solution to video application system.

    KT-PN690A and KT-PN695A are first appeared abroad at this exhibition.KT-PN690A,the outdoor Pan-tilt control system, can be used outside and is of IP66 protecting level. It also has wipers remote control ability and can control wipe remotely. KT-PN695A is broadcast indoor Pan-tilt Head of high accuracy,the maximum carrying weight is reach up to 50kg and it can revert the real image.

During the exhibition,the viewers showed great interests to the products by asking the detail parameters and operating the products themselves. Many famous company such as Hitachi US,Sony.Panosionc,NBC and Cananad TV reacted strongly positive to the products foKXWELL. And KXWELL not only brought its own products, giving the foreign clients some brand new acknowledge, but also achived high praise from people of several fields by its good product design and quality.

KXWELL made itself known overseas and let more international clients recognize the video applicant system solution plan by this exhibition. It also helps KXWELL expand overseas sale channels and make the global spread better.In the near future, KXWELL will be another great brand as Deigned in China over the world.