KXWELL support

 a China reality TV show that stimulate how a  newly  married couple is living with their parents. Due to the space constraint in the house how can we install multiple cameras?

In-order to capture good video shot without any interference of the camera-man, The production team have decided to install multiple KXWELL robotic Pan-Tilt Head systemsin the house. As it  allow the team to achieve difficult camera angle shot that is believe that is notachievable by camera-man.

Living Room

Study Room


Living Room

For this show the team have install 20 sets of KXWELL robotic head (KX-PH170) to control Sony Camcorder (FDR-AXP35). And they had 5 control panels install in their control room to control the robotic head. They are mainly used RS422 for control signal and optical fibre for video signal.

Living Room

Control Room

KXWELL Robotic system had been used in many China TV shows, as KXWELL have been providing good quality and conveniences application for user in a lot events like live event, education, churches and etc. Weare looking forward to work with you in the near future. Thank You.