Choose KXWELL, Choose High Cost-effective Pan-Tilt Head

KXWELL provides high cost-effective broadcast camera pan-tilt head, which means you can get a better quality and performance pan-tilt head with a lower price and enjoy the best remote control shoot experience and improve shoot convenience and save labor cost. 

Beijing KXWELL Technology Co., Ltd, the professional manufacture of the R&D, production, sales and technical service for the broadcast camera remote control system, supply the different kinds of indoor and outdoor pan/tilt heads, especially KXWELL support all different brands broadcast camcorder remote control and outdoor remote shoot under every weather conditions. 

Nowadays, KXWELL pan/tilt head have been applied in many occasions, including studio, conference, recording classroom, indoor and outdoor activities scene recording, operating room, etc. Our consumers extend all over the world, for example, Indian national television, Saudi Arabia king palace, Chinese central opera house, people network, etc. KXWELL products Involved in many industries, like Radio and Television, Education, Government, Entertainment, Finance, Aerospace, Hospital, Tourism, etc. 

KXWELL Production Base

KT-PN490S1/S2/EX Series pan-tilt heads are developed for different brands broadcast portable cameras. KXWELL firstly achieved controlling portable cameras’ remote shooting in the world and expand the application range of the remote control system for broadcast camera. Many other industries using broadcast camera and remote control system, improved the video shoot experience and reduced the cost of buying equipment and labor cost. It is applied widely in the education, conference, opera, church and hotel etc.


KT-PN490S1/S2/EX Pan-Tilt Head

KT-PN690 Series are applied and developed for outdoor. It has long version and short version. The protection level of KT-PN690 is IP66, Even in a very bad environment it can realize cameras’ rotation, pan/tilt, zoom, focus, iris and parameter adjustment through remote control. Photographer can shoot the production under a hard condition and especially KT-PN690 series can shoot with the angle and place people can’t reach. KT-PN690 Series are used usually in the city landscape shooting, outdoor news van, Meteorological observation, outdoor activities broadcast, etc. Our cases including: People network OB, Shanghai World Expo, Satellite Launch Center, etc.

KT-PN690 series Pan-Tilt Head

KT-PN695A is designed for broadcast shoulder camera. No limit for brand. Customers can choose Fujinon MD, RD lens and Canon TS, AS lens. This head can be used in studios, school television and some important conference broadcasting. We can remote control many camera functions, reduce the burden of the photographer and improve work efficiency. 



Church and theater application

In Church and theater, we mainly by using camera, with the help of remote control system it achieves record and broadcast under no disturb situation. 

For example: China National Opera House. Central opera house is one of China's ministry of culture of the national opera house, founded in 1952. Founded in the year of 1952, existing opera troupe, chorus, symphony orchestra, and performed many world classic operas, like La Traviata, Madama Butterfly, Turandot, Aida, Artist's Life, etc.

There are also many Chinese opera productions. China National Opera House video capture system consists of KT-PN490S2 and Panasonic AG-HPX173MC. Panasonic AG-HPX173MC can provide broadcast level video content and meet the customer requirement of the video quality. By using KT-PN490S2 pan-tilt head and controller, we can control camera power on/off, focus, zoom without disturbing the live performance.


KT-PN490S2 in theater


Radio and television industry application

KXWELL remote control system also can be used in this industry and has a perfect match. Ob vans, can scene recording, editing and publishing. It is very popular and widely applied.  

People network, established in January 1, 1997, is one of the world's top ten newspapers, the People's Daily is given priority to with the news of the construction of the large online information interaction platform, is also one of the largest comprehensive Internet media on the Internet. Put our pan-tilt head on OB vans, it can realize recording, editing and publishing under any situation.

KT-PN690 Pan-Tilt Head on OB vans

We supply indoor head KT-PN490 series, KT-PN695A, outdoor head KT-PN690 series and other control system equipments. We will help every industry to improve video quality and efficiency, reduce equipment cost and labor cost by technology innovation all the time.

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