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2017 the 26th BIRTV on August 23-26 (sanyuanqiao) opened in China international exhibition center, BIRTV is lead China radio, film and television technology development trend of advanced platform. Has now become the world's third, ranked first in Asia with the appreciation of the professional and international radio, film and television show. KXWELL keep in 8 a61 booth, exquisite scene arrangement lets a person shine at the moment, won the industry peers. At the same time, due to our products application universality, SONY, Canon, JVC, panasonic, AJA, BMD, excitation figure, naga, sobey, excitation to wait at home and abroad well-known brand exhibition also appeared in a same figure 'KXWELL'!

In the booth: SONY corresponds to the present popular reality show, compact PH180 remote control yuntai partner RP202 one-handed micro controller, attracted the attention of a lot of production companies, the scheme can solve the reality field have been supervised more cameras, multi-angle shooting requirement, and can realize unmanned, remote-controlled camera.


SONY PXW - X70 + KXWELL KT - PH180 + KT - RP202 controller

SONY PXW - X160 + KXWELL KT - PD40 + KT - RP8810U - J2 controller

On the classical Canon booth: broadcast unmanned shooting plan, in the installation of the tripod way with Canon camera ME200SH CN - E18-80 + + lens KXWELL KT - RP8810U - J2, this scheme can realize the camera, the camera remote control, Canon also full of expectation for the scheme. 

In the JVC booth: KXWELL and JVC joint exhibition mobile studio broadcast unmanned shooting plan, JVC GY HM200K + KXWELL yuntai KT - PR170E1 - H + KT - RP8705U controller, realize the combination of remote control and wireless solution, one of the leading enterprises in the era. Also, the two classic slots on display, show the JVC model for KXWELL custom GY - HM610K with GY - HM171K.


In the panasonic booth: PD40 yuntai join panasonic camera system scheme, in the middle of the panasonic RP50 controller with UB200 box camera bridge, make a complete set of scheme applicability is stronger and more flexible.

In AJA booth: KXWELL haeundae and AJA camera perfect collocation, using the way wall ROVO Cam + KT - PH170E1 yuntai + KT - RP8705U controller

BMD in the booth: KXWELL yuntai and BMD miniature cameras are tie-in, the package use KT - PH180 yuntai + KT - RP8810U controller, the package is the optimal choice of floor type supplement reservation, docking director switcher easily.

In excitation photo booth: KXWELL overloading yuntai docking ROSS virtual systems, the package is using KXWELL PD50VR virtual system for remote control yuntai + Hitachi DK - 200 + Canon camera + KXWELL KT - RP8910 controller

The naga booth: KXWELL PH490 access to add a director all-in-one, fully functional field real-time director, the package is used by the camera GY HM610K + KXWELL KT - PH490F1 - H + controller KT - RP8810U

The sobey booth: in order to enter the field of radio, film and television, KXWELL with salbes company strategic cooperation, joint scheme of automation studio, the BIRTV display of the scheme for the first time.


KXWELL: track robot KT - RC1000 +  KT - PD40 + SONY PXW - controller KT - RP8910 FS7 cameras


Is going to show you are families and xu will attracted by the solution? So, let's take a look into the KXWELL stands together.

KXWELL for BIRTV show each set of unmanned shooting has carried on the selective solutions, mainly divided into three parts: reality TV program area, studio plan exhibition galleries, outdoor shooting.

To satisfy users with reality TV shooting needs, we presents a new way of display: 'sense' : exhibition stand put reservation, heaven and earth column magic clip seat reservation, tripod; Let the user experience on site operation is more close to the scene shooting experience, also know more about KXWELL a set of intelligent portable, flexible, installation simple variety of unmanned systems in reality the important role of filming.

Magic clamp slots: KT - PH180  + SONY PXW - X70 camera. This set of flight reservation weighs only about 3 kg, and the size of a Kindle, reality is KXWELL newest flagship recommended unmanned shooting combination.

Exhibition stand put reservation: KT - PR180 FDR - AXP35  + SONY DV cameras

Tripod reservation: KT - PH170E1  + JVC GY - HM171K camera

Galleries in reality, the way we control the new change: in reality more dexterous mini controller is used in the KT - RP202 point-to-point control mode, attracted numerous users to experience.

In addition to good fun reality scheme, in view of the 'wisdom' of radio, film and television, we also brought a lot of classic equipment and solutions. Solve troubles users, meet the demand of use: radio, film and television class users often have a demand on virtual studio, our civet cat KT - PD40 matching after HDBT version, can let the studio a lot less wiring trouble, and civet cat KT - PD50 because you can access the VR virtual system access is a magic weapon for studio, overloading yuntai KT - PH695K1 can shoulder shoulder camera within 50 kg.


Civet cat KT - PD40 +SONY PMW-300K1+ The controller KT-RP8804U-J2

KXWELL yuntai booth only a white, is our KT - level PH690A radio remote control yuntai outdoor, this time we took out the center of the Shanghai case to show its application, in order to keep the outdoor running the best state, it can automatically adjust the temperature, also can remote control the wiper, a key part of protective level IP66, can withstand strong precipitation or wave impact test. As a very versatile outdoor yuntai, KT - PH690A in addition to Ann in the sky, you can also customize brief paragraph for on-board, installed in use on the car.

reservation:KT-PH690A,Built-in Hitachi box camera + Canon lens

The 26th BIRTV (Beijing international radio, film and television show) will last four days, during this period (August 23-26) KXWELL will in China international exhibition center (sanyuanqiao) 8 a61 more media, radio and television 'wisdom' fusion system of products and services technology to show you. Between each pavilion, xu will people in each show the booth of our products to the customers, let everybody feel our professional and professional dedication

'Unmanned shooting technology leader'

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